Gas powered vehicles can provide clean air and reduce costs

With clean air plans firmly on the government’s agenda, increasing freight costs and pressure to further reduce CO2 emissions, there has never has there been a better time for heavy duty vehicle operators to join companies like John Lewis and Argos and opt for gas as a fuel.

A one day conference and exhibition, NGV Day 2015, dedicated to the gas powered vehicles sector, is being held in Birmingham this October. Everything fleet operators need to know about how to run compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquid natural gas (LNG) vehicles will be explained at this year’s NGV Day, which is being organised by the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Network.

Over the last year there have been big investments in NGV technology and the infrastructure of the industry. Highlights are a fast growing network of gas filling stations, National Grid’s Grain LNG facility at the Isle of Grain and new dedicated CNG and LNG gas trucks built for the UK. All the pieces are in place to making running a gas fleet a reality now.

Mark Jordan, who heads up the NGV Network said: “Fleet operators are now recognising that gas can bring down both freight costs and emissions. We also have government support for gas use in HGV’s. Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change recently said that the national gas grid will remain important for many decades to come and that one of the uses would be as a fuel for HGVs. At NGV Day people will be able to find out exactly what the benefits of gas are and how to get on-board with gas now.”

Richard Court, head of Stakeholder Delivery at National Grid, one of the founder organisations in the NGV Network, said, “The existing gas network infrastructure in the UK can play a key role in helping facilitate the connection of refilling stations around the main transport routes. Manufacturers are now delivering dedicated gas powered vehicles and new filling stations are starting to be connected across the country, so the sector is poised to make a big impact. We expect the NGV Day to be the most successful yet and to really show the potential for this sector.”
Speakers at NGV Day will give the audience a concise industry overview, set out a clear strategic vision for the NGV sector and show how major UK companies and local authorities are already reaping the benefits of incorporating natural gas vehicles into their operations.

NGV users, vehicle and fuel suppliers and infrastructure owners will be represented by speakers from National Grid, Freight Transport Association, Birmingham City Council and Institute of Gas Engineers, vehicle and fuel suppliers.

Find out more at ngvnetwork.co.uk.

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