How will Euro-6 impact you?

With the mandatory introduction of Euro-6 for new LCVs imminent, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has some advice.

“With September fast approaching, there is talk about how the month’s mandatory introduction of Euro-6 for all new LCV registrations will impact the van operator – specifically around the addition of the AdBlue tank.

“The latest Euro-6 technologies are the result of huge investment by van manufacturers in improving air quality, delivering a near-elimination of particulates and significantly reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. While the addition of AdBlue will have a small impact on van operators, this has become a normal part of running heavy commercial vehicles since the introduction of Euro-5 regulation in 2008.

“For the large majority of van fleets, topping up with AdBlue will be a service item with no burden to the operator. For the remainder that do require a top-up between services, the onus will be small – akin to filling up with screenwash. It will be a case of a little extra maintenance delivering a significant emission advantage.

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