Make winter ‘lighter later’ Brake tells Government

As the clocks go back this weekend, people on foot and bike become more vulnerable on our roads, as afternoons become darker. The increased danger people on foot and bike are exposed to during the dark winter months could be reduced by putting the clocks forward by an hour year round, which is why Brake is part of the Lighter Later campaign, calling for this common sense change. It’s estimated this would prevent 80 deaths and hundreds of serious injuries every year , preventing unnecessary suffering and saving the NHS £138million annually.

Find out more at Drivers can also make a difference now by slowing down and taking extra care to prevent casualties.

The charity Brake, in partnership with Autoglass, is inviting companies and workplaces, schools and community groups to take part in its Bright Day initiative to raise funds for Brake’s helpline services to support those bereaved or injured by road crashes. Bright Days are fun dress down days where everyone wears their brightest clothes to raise awareness of the five people killed every day on roads in the UK, and the importance of drivers in slowing down and looking out for people on foot and bike. Road Safety Week is coming up from 23-29 November, and there has never been a better time to get involved and run a Bright Day.

Last year in the UK 559 people were killed and 8,464 seriously injured while walking and cycling [3], and the risks are heightened on dark winter evenings, if drivers do not take conditions into account. Drivers can do their bit to protect people on foot or bike by pledging to slow down to 20mph or below around homes, schools and shops, giving themselves a far better chance of stopping in time if they need to do so suddenly. Find more driver advice on the Brake website and read about Brake’s GO 20 campaign

To run your own Bright Day, register now for your free resource pack, including posters, flyers, donation bucket stickers, and a range of other great resources, at

Philip Goose, senior community engagement officer at Brake, the road safety charity, said: “As the clocks go back and afternoons get darker, people on foot and bike are more at risk. The government can take a massive and easy step towards making the winter months safer for those on foot and bike by changing the clocks back for good. Drivers can also be responsible and make a huge difference by slowing down, and going 20 or below in towns and villages.

With Road Safety Week coming up from 23-29 November, It’s an ideal time for companies and workplaces, schools and community groups to raise money for Brake by getting involved with Brake’s Bright Day initiative. Bright Days are a fun, simple way to promote vital road safety messages in your workplace or classroom, while raising funds to support Brake’s work supporting families coping with the devastation of a death or serious injury in a road crash.”

Neil Atherton, sales and marketing director at Autoglass, said: “Visibility on the road is vital to safety; At Autoglass we help over a million customers a year maintain a clear view of the road, in turn improving road safety, which is something we are passionate about.

This is why we participate in Bright Day each year, which is a fun and impactful way for companies and schools to raise money during Road Safety Week to support those affected by road crashes.”

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